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Local Volunteers Needed...

Archivist (Short-Term). The Parish Council is custodian of a number of historical village documents which it would like to preserve for posterity on this website. Anyone who might be interested in taking on a short-term mini-project to sort, sift and scan the most important of these documents is asked to please contact The Parish Council for more details.

Church Treasurer. Voluntary role; to administer Church Finances. Please contact the Church Warden, Katherine, for more details: 01858-535-291 / 07746-839-067 /

Community Footpath Warden. Voluntary role; to make very occasional walks around the Parish to inspect the state of the footpaths and tracks, and to report back to The Parish Council. Please contact The Parish Council for more details.

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator. Voluntary role; to liaise between local police and the community on crime and security-related matters. Please contact The Parish Council for more details.

Pet Services...

Welland Valley Pet Care*. Dog-walking, house visits, etc. Fully-insured, and professionally qualified in animal welfare and pet first aid. Contact Claire on 07923-660-316.

Stoke Albany Classified Ads